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The company Xtra was Estd. in 1987 by K.S. Ganesh Nadar and has now become No.1 in A.P. & Telangana Detergent Market. Xtra brand has a reputed name and it stands in the mind of everyone. The company has periodically grown in stature over the years and still it is growing. Xtra Brand has Already launched in the Karnataka Region. The company has a well built infrastructure and automated plants. The Company is an ISO 9001- 2015 certified company.

Mr Ganesh Nadar Xtrasoaps Founder

Founder & Chairman

Mr Ganesh Nadar

Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Awardee Shri K.S.Ganesh nadar is chairman and founder of Kalyani group of companies. He started his career working in a private firm under the roof of Smt. Meenamma he founded Xtra Soaps in the year 1987, his indomitable Will of dedication, hard work and smart thinking and of high ideals and goals he set for himself raised the company to its standard. His marketing strategy made the company reach its heights.

Mr. K S Raman Xtrasoaps CEO


Mr. K S Raman

Mr. Raman is the CEO of Kalyani group of companies. He is graduated from University of Texas, USA. At the age of 17 he started helping his father and implemented various marketing strategy and production plans which made the company to reach a sustainable heights and expansion of networks across the country.